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Netmore achieves scalable and fast business development using Barium Live

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Netmore is a company in expansion. Organizations in that stage quickly start to outgrow their ways of working. Netmore was not an exception, although it began its journey to future-proof both systems and processes before it was too late.

When evaluating different platforms and systems that could help relieve Netmore of its challenges, two things stood out; security and integration capabilities.

Results & value:

  • Drastically improved and streamlined its delivery process
  • Reduced lead times
  • Improved data quality assurance
  • Mitigating individual dependencies
  • Established structured ways of working
  • Improved transparency, both internally and with external stakeholders
  • A competitive edge in head-to-head negotiations with other providers

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When a customer contacted me with an inquiry about a project, I opened Barium Live to find all the necessary information right there. That was truly an aha-experience for me.

Martin Edofsson


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