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Motala municipality frees up time and automates its onboarding process

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Motala municipality, with its almost 5000 employees, could quickly see that the process for onboarding employees was a target for streamlining via automation. The onboarding process consists of several stakeholders, departments, and information sources that must coordinate. With many manual steps in the process, the complexity and challenges rose.

Motala first came in contact with Barium through an innovation project. Barium’s platform for Digital Process Automation, Barium Live, was well-suited for several initiatives Motala was running. One of these initiatives is freeing up time and reducing administrational work for managers.


  • Shortened the onboarding process by approximately 83% 
  • Time savings of about 12 500 hours per year 
  • Structured and quality assured data
  • Eliminated cases that require additions - from 6/10 cases to 0
  • Strengthened employes brand 
  • Improved ways of working for onboardings resulting in a new employee being able to contribute on day one

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We have the vision and ambition to develop more automated processes moving forward, and Barium Live is a strategic puzzle piece in our digital platform.

Ambjörn Lindqvist

Chief Digital Officer

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