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Vasakronan uses Barium Live as a strategic platform on which it has developed applications to streamline its business processes in the areas of HR, Legal affairs, Delivery and Customer Service.

From customer surveys to customer service

Thomas Nordlund, Systems Manager at Vasakronan, says that in 2012, the company saw an increased need from the HR department to digitalize a number of manual processes that, among other things, involved document management systems when recruiting and introducing new employees. Today,
Vasakronan has expanded the use of Barium Live even further, enabling to efficiently automate manual routines that were previously time-consuming for its operations.

Today, Vasakronan’s use of Barium Live spans business areas, including; 

  • HR and recruitment orders
  • Reporting workplace accidents and incidents inquiries from suppliers
  • GDPR Compliance 
  • Periodic system reviews
  • ...and many more


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Barium Live is a puzzle piece in our digital platform, strategically important and enabling us to continually develop new innovative solutions for increased internal efficiency.

Sören Sandell

IT Manager, Vasakronan

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