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User story Uppsala Water

Uppsala water gets better flow in their processes with the help of Barium

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user story
Uppsala Water 


Uppsala Vatten (Water) and Avfall (Waste) AB operate in one of the country’s strongest growth regions. The Uppsala municipality is continuing to expand, and as new areas emerge and new workplaces take shape, a functioning infrastructure, secured capacity, and sustainable management of natural resources and facilities are required.

Uppsala Vatten and Avfall AB are responsible for the operation, planning and development of water and wastewater (VA) within the area of operation determined by the Uppsala City Council. They are also responsible for the collection and handling of household waste and operate eight recycling centers. In addition, they also produce biogas from collected food waste, which becomes a fossil-free fuel. Waste operations also include a sorting and landfill business. Employees number at 220 at Uppsala Water and Avfall AB.

Here are some of the challenges they have identified:

  • Long lead times
  • Time wasting and ineffective handling 
  • Lacking overview and transparency of the processes
  • The business is mainly a process oriented industry that was lacking adequate tools to model and visualize processes

Do you recognize these issues? Download our user story and learn more about how Uppsala Vatten adressed their challenges and what they've managed to achieve. 


With Barium’s help and Barium Live as support, we get IT support we can use widely across the organization, and, additionally, which we can get started on right away.

Ann Eberhardsson

Head of Business Support, Uppsala Vatten

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