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As Nordic leaders in their industry, Selecta is often challenged by competitors that wishes to take their market shares. It has become a habit for Selecta to respond to this competition by putting the customer first and always have their needs in mind when developing their business. This includes, among other things, new offerings, streamlining processes and reducing unnecessary administration to make the business more efficient. Eliminating activities and lead times that doesn't create value is always a top priority. 

Here are some of the effects Selecta could see since implementing Barium Live:

  • Lead-Time Reduction: From 1.5 months to 2 weeks
  • Delivery Precision: From 63% to 99%
  • Cost Savings: Streamlining administrations has freed up thousands of hours for the business - enabling more time to be spent on value-creating tasks
  • Better Customer Experience


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Eva-Kristin Magnusson

Application Manager, Selecta

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