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Region Uppsala takes ownership of its own digitalization journey

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about Region Uppsala

Region Uppsala is responsible for issues concerning health care, public transport, culture and education, as well as regional development in the county of Uppsala. The Resource Center provides management support and administrative support to Region Uppsala’s operations and the Region’s Office. Handled, among other things, are salary payments, customer and supplier invoices and financial statements for the entire Region Uppsala. The Resource Center also has overall responsibility for Region Uppsala’s archive and document management.

Another major part of its business is managing and developing Region Uppsala's healthcare system and administrative system. It also deals with data output from Region Uppsala's system. 

Region Uppsala has, since implementing Barium Live, launched about 25 new applications in various areas of its business:

  • Registration of manual customer invoices in the accounting system 
  • Notification of benefit tax/salary deduction 
  • Travel reservations
  • Registration of accounting files
  • Sending employment contracts

Download the full case to learn more about what they have achieved, how they did it and what plans they have for the future!


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We would not have succeeded in bringing about what we did if we hadn’t had access to Barium’s platform. It has allowed us to quickly develop about 25 different applications that support the business.

Marcus Görgård

Head of the Financial Unit and Administrative Automation Unit (AdmA) at Resource Center, Region Uppsala

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