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User story Maersk

HR Competence Mapping solution replaced in 8 weeks

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A global player such as Maersk is always facing fierce competition and challenging demands from its customers. Therefore - the company has deployed lots of initiatives to drive the digital transformation. For example, they have arranged hackathons, created a Digital capability center, founded Maersk Digital and invested heavily in software and new technology. As an example of this investment in new technology, we can relate a successful story from the Department of Internal Audit at the Maersk Headquarters.


Special Advisor to the Head of internal audit at Maersk, Anand Bunsee, saw an immediate need to replace the current Competence Mapping solution since their shift to a new HR-system forced them to retire the old solution. The main objective of the solution was to support the personal development plans for each team member and to identify competence gaps for the department.

Important factors: 

  • Cost
  • Flexibility (adapt & change)
  • Ease-of-use
  • Accessible around the globe (cloud based)



It was a challenge to have individual and departmental assessments – therefore we were looking for a tool that could provide that kind of assessment and overview

Anand Bunsee

Special Advisor Internal Audit

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