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Apoteket digitalizes its business - and replaces several IT systems

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about Apoteket AB

Apoteket (The Pharmacy) was founded in 1971 and is a nationally owned company. This means it is a publicly owned Swedish company, with part of the profits going back to Swedish society. Operations are located in 250 locations throughout Sweden and include employees from 88 countries. Apoteket can boast that customers can get help in a total of 55 different languages.

The organization employs over 3,000 in Logistics, Marketing, IT, Finance, HR, Sustainability & Legal Matters, Apoteket Network and Care. The head office is located in Solna, and most employees work at the 390+ pharmacies located all over Sweden

Even though Apoteket is a modern company that is often associated with simple and customer friendly processes, this was not the case regarding the internal processes. One of the first processes Apoteket choose to digitilize was one they called "Customer round". A digital store check that is being done every morning in all of Apoteket's 394 stores. Previously, this was done by using pen and paper. 

Examples of processes they have digitilized:

  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) 
  • Incorrect dispensing
  • Incident management
  • Digital store check


  • Shorter lead times
  • Dismantled legacy systems
  • Modernized and future proofed ways of working

Download the full user case in order to find out what Apoteket has achieved and what their plans for the future looks like!


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With Barium, we’re able to prioritize the processes in our business that we deem worthwhile digitalizing – everything to minimize waste, reduce handling time and improve monitoring opportunities.

Åsa Åberg

Sales & Operational Development, Apoteket AB

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