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Updated agreements April 2021

DPA is an integral part of the Agreement (GT&C)

The current text of the agreement governing the processing of personal data is being supplemented with a written DPA (Data Processor Agreement). This DPA governs how Barium, as a processor of personal data, processes the personal data which you as a customer and the controller of personal data choose to process in our platform. We have produced a data processor agreement, which is well balanced and adapted to the Barium Live service. This DPA applies automatically and thus no extra approval is required. 

Updated DPA April 2021

Pursuing a policy to offer consistent and unambiguous privacy conditions for our customers, Barium is changing providers for outgoing e-mail messages from US-based Mailgun to The Netherlands-based Flowmaler. This change is intended to remove potential privacy concerns relating to sub processing of personal data in the wake of a June 2020 ruling by the European Court of Justice to declare the European Commission's Privacy Shield Decision to be invalid. For questions or clarifications, please contact

General Terms & Conditions Barium Live 
Download as pdf (eng) or Download as pdf (swe) - Last updated 2018-04-25

General Terms & Conditions Consulting Services
Download as pdf (eng) or Download as pdf (swe) - Last updated 2018-04-25

Data Processor Agreement (DPA) 
Download as pdf (eng) or Download as pdf (swe) - Last updated 2021-04-19

Privacy Policy for Sales & Marketing Purpose (incl. cookie policy) 
Last updated 2018-04-25

Privacy Policy for Barium & Our Platforms
Download as pdf (eng) - Last updated 2018-05-22

List of Sub Processors 

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