Founded: 1974
CEO: Karl Eklöf
Owner: Ulf and Bo Eklöf
Turnover: 6,3 billion SEK
Number of department stores: 180 stores in four countries

Becoming a leader in sports retail is a gigantic challenge, given the amount of global and local competitors. Stadium has succeeded in an outstanding way and is today one of northern Europe’s leading players. The company has 180 stores located in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Germany. It certainly helped that Ulf Eklöf and his younger brother Bo, who joined early, wanted to be the best in sports and sports fashion, but what really has contributed to Stadium’s fantastic success is the courage to invest in new ideas and concepts again and again. That attitude is included in the work the current CEO, Karl Eklöf, and the others in the management team do.

When you set foot in a Stadium store, with the characteristic running tracks along the floor, the mix of world-famous brands and private labels are striking. By not choosing one way or the other, Stadium can offer a unique variety of sports and leisure goods.

To be able to offer so many private label products, it cooperates with over 150 factories in different parts of Asia. It is a close collaboration every step of the way, from design and selecting materials to production and transport. Stadium also works together with other brands, producers, and organizations on sustainable development and standards.

In addition to this, Stadium has been at the forefront of digital developments. They launched e-commerce already in 2007, and 10 years later made the entire range available to all customers with the ”Order in-store” solution. The focus of Stadium’s Chief Digital Officer, Fredrik Persson, is to bridge the gaps that exist between the business and IT in order to create new opportunities for development.

We want to highlight Stadium’s unique ability to combine its own private labels with some of the world’s strongest brands, offering its customers a first-class range of products. An outstanding example of what it takes to succeed as a Manufacturing Retail Hybrid.

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