Founded: The first department store opened in 1986
CEO: Göran Westerberg
Owner: Privately owned
Turnover : 8,5 billion SEK
Number of department stores: 184 in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Finland

Rusta is one of the most popular department store chains in Sweden. It’s been a leader for many years in both maintaining a large selection and creating efficient and attractive experiences for its many customers. It all started with the founders, Anders Forsgren and Bengt-Olov Forssell, who realized that both logistics and control over purchasing and supply were keys to success. Since 2012, CEO Göran Westerberg and his management team have been driving the Group’s development, with a clear focus on creating value and constantly improving operations.

What has been characteristic of Rusta is that since its inception in 1986, logistics have been seen as a crucial part of the business concept. The company invested early in taking control of their supply chain, the chain of interconnected links that goes all the way from purchasing and manufacturing to warehouses and stores. Thanks to this, Rusta has, for example, been able to avoid expensive intermediaries, and it also has greater control over the flow of goods. Proof of this is the company’s central warehouse in Norrköping, which is one of the largest distribution centers in the Nordics. Here the focus is on efficiency and automation. For example, it has a warehouse management system that ensures that each pallet is full.

In its operations, Rusta works with both its own and major international brands and acts as both an importer and a wholesaler. It also has quality and purchasing offices in several places in Asia to be able to handle purchasing, order follow-up, quality control, and inspection of products in an efficient manner. The five Asian offices also play an important role in Rusta’s product development, which takes place in close collaboration between the purchasing department and suppliers.

We want to highlight Rusta’s work with logistics and the supply chain as an outstanding example of what it takes to succeed as a Manufacturing Retail Hybrid.

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