Kjell & Company


Founded: 1988
CEO: Andreas Rylander
Owner: FSN Capital / Familjen Dahnelius
Turnover: 1,7 billion SEK
Number of department stores: 130 stores in two countries

Selling everything in consumer electronics with passion and knowledge has proven to be a winning concept for Kjell & Company. From the start in 1988 in Sundsvall, the company’s stores have spread across Sweden and also Norway at a rapid pace. Today, it is CEO Andreas Rylander and the rest of the management team who ensure that the commitment and expertise are kept alive and that the expansion continues. Nowadays at least as much via e-commerce.

A couple of things that characterize Kjell & Company quickly become apparent in the stores: The smart way to make room for thousands of products in stores that always feel small and intimate, as well as the employees’ joy of sharing their solid knowledge. Neither is, of course, a coincidence, but the result of well-thought-out planning.

Above all, the knowledge. The goal is for all salespeople to have a good overview of the latest technology developments, and to be able to help each customer to a good solution. The company ensures that this really happens through its own school, Kjell Academy. There, the salesmen meet teachers who not only lead online training but also create films and books.

In the stores, well-known brands coexist with Kjell & Company’s private labels. These are designed and developed by the company and then manufactured for the most part in Asia. Much of the coordination takes place through a purchasing office in Shanghai. From the manufacturers, the products are then transported to the logistics hub in Malmö, for further transport to the stores.

We want to highlight the outstanding focus Kjell & Company has had on creating knowledgeable and passionate employees in everything from logistics to the customer meeting as an outstanding example of what it takes to succeed as a Manufacturing Retail Hybrid.

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