Clas Ohlson


Founded: 1918
CEO: Kristofer Tonström
Owner: Publicly traded company
Turnover: 8,3 billion
Number of department stores: 228, in four countries.

What began as a bicycle workshop soon became a mail-order company. Today, Clas Ohlson is a brand that has a place in every home. Not only in Sweden but also in Norway, Finland, and the United Kingdom. Ever since the start, the company has delivered small and large goods that make life in the home, house, and garden easier and better. Via over 200 stores and of course also online. The current CEO Kristofer Tonström and the rest of the management team have taken the visions of the founder Clas Ohlson into the present day, a time more than a century removed from the birth of the company.

The large number of stores is a reflection of the desire to make it easier for customers, but Clas Ohlson also has an omnichannel perspective to deliver convenience and service. There are 15,000 products and more than 10,000 spare parts available online around the clock.

Outside the Nordic region, e-commerce is also offered via the giant Amazon. And when it comes to deliveries, Clas Ohlsson collaborates with brands such as MatHem in Sweden, Kolonial. no in Norway and Wolt in Finland to be able to ensure a smooth delivery to the end customer.

Clas Ohlson is also at the forefront of product development for its private labels. The process can begin with an idea from a customer, a change in technology in an area, or major trends. Based on this, the product range is developed or improved together with the manufacturer. Designs and improvements are made continuously to private-label goods, but on the shelves, they coexist with other brands to achieve a wide range.

We want to highlight how Clas Ohlson has worked in a visionary way to constantly develop its range and the methods of delivery to customers as an outstanding example of what it takes to succeed as a Manufacturing Retail Hybrid.

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