Founded: 1993
CEO: Mattias Ankarberg
Owner: Listed
Turnover: 6,8 billion SEK
Number of department stores: 193 stores in four countries (Group)

Simplicity has been a keyword for Byggmax since its birth in 1993. It should be easy for customers to find what they are looking for, it should be quick to pick it up, load it, and get going. To succeed with this, Byggmax has developed several innovations, such as being the first to use a drive in the construction products industry, or ensuring that all department stores have the same design. Since 2009, of course, the entire range, +55,000 products, are available online and for home deliveries. Even today, CEO Mattias Ankarberg and his colleagues continue to create smart solutions to make it easier to shop at Byggmax.

Creating economies of scale in purchasing and logistics has been another guiding light for Byggmax. The most important customers are the home fixers, and they should be able to find everything they need in the department stores. Whether it is wood, tools, garden products, paint, or something else.

The quality must be high and the prices low. To be able to live up to these promises requires well-thought-out processes and the capacity to order large volumes. Byggmax has developed an incredible competence in these areas.

There is a constant drive to improve the customer experience at Byggmax. In 2016, they bought Skånska Byggvaror and were thus able to supplement their range with buildings for the garden, such as conservatories and greenhouses. In recent years, there has been a continuous development of both store concepts and e-commerce, as well as various combinations. To be able to achieve this, logistics and scalability are once again at the center.

Byggmax has continuously and innovatively worked to improve both the range and to make it as easy as possible for customers to have access to it as an outstanding example of what it takes to succeed as a Manufacturing Retail Hybrid.

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