Founded: 1899
CEO: Annica Hagen
Owner: Axel Johnson Group
Turnover: 4,8 billion SEK
Number of department stores: 57

For more than a century, Åhléns has been one of Sweden’s best-known brands. It’s a resounding success for the current CEO, Annica Hagen, and everyone else in the management team, that the company continues to be both popular and cutting edge. Everywhere that Åhléns has a presence, the department store is often a central part of the cityscape and in the minds of the local population.

Åhléns department store offers its customers over 1,000 different brands, mainly in fashion, home and beauty. Many of the world’s most famous brands are in the department stores, but so are thousands of products that Åhléns themselves have developed, designed, and produced together with partners in different parts of the world.

Of course, for a company with roots in the mail order trade, transport, and inventory management have always played a central role. Åhléns places a lot of focus on streamlining its transports, in part to reduce the environmental footprint.

They also constantly strive to develop and improve their warehousing. In order to have an efficient overview of storage and transportation, the company has opted for a single large warehouse. Opening in 2022, it will be fully automated and designed for minimal energy consumption and smart logistics solutions.

Åhléns has been far ahead in many areas during its long existence. For example, e-commerce was already in place in 1997 - long before most retail companies even were considering it. In 2016, digital commerce was linked to the physical in an omnichannel solution that also linked customer service and loyalty programs.

We want to emphasize that Åhléns has consistently worked to be at the forefront digitally through its work with e-commerce, apps, omnichannel, and customer clubs as an outstanding example of what is required to succeed as a Manufacturing Retail Hybrid.

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