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Increase customer satisfaction better deliverability

Automate and digitalize processes within manufacturing in order to increase delivery precision, lower tied up capital and cut costs with Barium. Let us help you.
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Digitize throughout the entire value chain

The value chain isn’t stronger than than its weakest link and it’s becoming increasingly important to take control of your processes with more distributors, global competition and new touchpoints. Big and small businesses alike.

Improve delivery precision and customer satisfaction
Cooperation between departments and stakeholders will drastically improve with a joint process. Your clients are expecting a world class service - regardless of what touchpoint it is.
Make improvements faster
Start improving your processes and business in small iterations. No longer will you need to start a massive project in order for you to start digitize your business.
Better overview and control
Create reports, get notifications and enjoy true process compliance through our smart applications.
Complement your ERPs
Barium’s platform complements your existing systems and allows you to drive the digital transformation in a higher pace than before, without limitations in your old systems.

Digital processes for Demand and Supply Chain

Clients have higher expectations today than ever before which demands more from suppliers in regards to information and flow of goods - even smaller and more supportive flows that previously has been managed manually. Clients will have higher expectations on how companies are handling more and smaller suppliers and businesses throughout multiple channels. This will require an improved speed of change in your business and offering according to new demands.

Examples of application areas

Order to delivery

Deliver orders with an improved delivery precision that satisfies your customer’s high expectations. Bottlenecks will be easy to identify with a largely improved transparency.

Optimizing supplies of goods

Improve transportation and shipping of goods - while administrating transportation of warehouses, volumes or information with the help of Barium.

Handle orders for smaller suppliers

Handle suppliers without EDI. This ideal for smaller or temporary suppliers that you wish to handle efficiently and with an improved delivery precision.

Support production lines

Handle manufacturing and supplies of goods of deviant or tailored products as well as making sure that they arrive in time to the customer.

Our clients

Selecta digitizes core processes

A global service company supplying vending machines for food and beverages in 21 countries are using Barium Live to implement their new strategy. By documenting all processes “As-Is” in Barium Live the were able to in a fast and structured way and based on strategy decide and define the “To-Be” definitions of their processes. Once that was decided they have now started to make process-by-process executable. Barium Live is a key component in implementing their new strategy. And so far processes in Barium Live have replaced 5 old systems.


Systems replaced

Increased customer satisfaction

Shorter lead-time

Quality ensured Supply Chain process for critical equipment

Getinge Sterilization implemented a viable process with five different subprocesses and over 20 roles in less than a quarter. The lead times for producing a new machine has significantly shortened since information exchange has been automated and stakeholders now have control over the process. Everyone involved also feels that they have more order in their way of working. Screening was previously made in an Excel sheet that was sent back and forth between employees. This made the whole process difficult to manage, messy and lacking real time transparency. Everyone involved in Getinge’s Supply Chain process knows their responsibilities, deadlines and what happens in the process when they perform their tasks since implementing Barium.


Company: Getinge Sterilization within Getinge Group

Employees: 370

Turnover: over 700 million SEK

Faster production

Everything's in order

Measurable process

Increased efficiency

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