Demand & Supply Chain processes - Digitized

 Increase delivery precision, lower tied up capital and cut costs –  by automating supporting processes and digitalising manual and labour-intensive workflows
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Digitize the entire value chain

The value chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and as more suppliers, global competitors and new customers keeps being added to your company's ecosystem - it becomes more vital to take control of the processes. Big and small.

Improve the delivery accuracy and customer satisfaction
A unified process will improve cooperation between departmental boundaries and actors. Your customers expect top service regardless of their point of contact.
Increase the speed of change
Start improving processes and your business in several small steps. You no longer need to initiate a huge company-wide program to bring your business to the digital world.
Gain better visibility and control
Create reports, get reminders and receive a complete compliance process but using our smart applications.
Enhance your ERP
Barium low code platform complements your existing systems so that you can drive the digital change at a fast pace without restrictions from your old legacy system.

One platform to drive digitization within Demand and Supply Chain

Increased expectations from customers drives new demands on suppliers to continuously improve and optimize their information and material flows - even the smaller and more orchestrated flows that has previously been done manually.

Your customers will place greater demands on your ability to be able to handle a greater variety of suppliers, management of transactions through multiple channels and it will require the ability to quickly adjust your operations for new requirements.

customer cases

Selecta digitizes core processes

A global service company supplying vending machines for food and beverages in 21 countries are using Barium Live to implement their new strategy. By documenting all processes “As-Is” in Barium Live the were able to in a fast and structured way and based on strategy decide and define the “To-Be” definitions of their processes. Once that was decided they have now started to make process-by-process executable. Barium Live is a key component in implementing their new strategy. And so far processes in Barium Live have replaced 5 old systems.


Systems replaced

Increased customer satisfaction

Shorter lead-time

ICA uses Barium Live

A retail company with operations in Sweden and the Baltics implemented Barium Live to manage Order confirmation and Order approval for a number of their private label vendors. The solution is primarily used for vendors that are small or where there is high degree in seasonality/trend, which means that the vendors might be replaced more frequent. Prior to the implementation, the process was managed manually with a high workload, low transparency and quality issues which all lead to a need of additional stock to avoid the risk of shortage. The implementation took no more than 3 weeks of consulting work. Transparency, efficiency and delivery precision was gained, and the client has been able to lower tied up capital in stock.


3 weeks implementation

300+ suppliers

2000+ stores

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