Ensure higher productivity and
less administration

Digitize manual HR-processes in order to fill the gap between existing HR systems and actual business processes. 

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More time and less stress

The Barium platform complements your existing HR systems so that you can get help to improve your manual and time-consuming processes.

Increased productivity
Give your employees faster access to tools and IT systems in order to perform their jobs to their best ability from the first day.
Improved employee branding
Meet your employees' expectations about the culture and workplace that you want to build.
Less administration
Automate manual tasks and support employees in their daily work.
Better visibility and control
Create reports, get reminders and receive a full process compliance but using our smart applications.

Digitize Human Resources

Supercharge your existing HR-system

HR has become a more strategic function in order to attract and attain talent to keep up with the competition. But HR-processes still need a bit of support in order to streamline operations and cut lead-time to support every business unit. Barium can help you onboard new talents, recruit new ones, develop existing staff and save you time with travel expense request and other administrative tasks.

Customer case

Barium help Karlstad municipality digitalize HR-processes

Karlstad municipality is working hard to create an efficient but also attractive organisation that meets and exceeds its citizens need of great service from the public sector. When dealing with taxpayers money, municipalities need to find smart and digital ways to get things done. Especially when it come to HR-processes in such a labor intensive business. Thanks to Barium, new employees can now be onboarded fram day one and managers can be sure that everything is taken care of.

Karlstad Kommun

Residents: 87 000 Employees: 7500

Departments: 9

9 e-forms

7 roles

IKEA goes Barium Live

IKEA, a global retailer with 350+ retail stores in 43 countries with a total sales volume of about 28 billion Euros, has implemented Barium Live to support several processes. One of the implemented solutions is the Investment Approval process. The major benefits were increased efficiency by 70%, full transparency and 100% process compliance. The solution required less than five weeks consulting work and in the time-frame, 3 step-wise, improved solutions were developed. The implementation was faster than the time it took for an investment to pass all the necessary steps prior to implementation.


Company: IKEA

Employees: 149 000

Turnover: 36 billion EUR

70% increased efficiency

100% process adherence

3 improvement cycles

5 weeks implementation time

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