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With Barium you can digitize business processes, complement ERP-systems, replace legacy-systems and streamline operations in most industries.
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Embrace the change - Get the platforms and capability to keep up with the speed of change.

Regardless of your industry, there is an increasing rate of change, new demands from customers, cost pressures and regulatory requirements. At the same time, we see a trend where the business side currently accounts for the majority of IT purchases and where classic performance measures around the reliability, consolidation and waterfall project sees itself challenged by the abilities of speed, adaptability, flexible pricing and a focus on innovation.

At Barium, we therefore provide a standard low code development platform that enables the business to drive IT development by digitizing business processes at a high speed - without compromising on performance, reliability and the ability to consolidate systems.

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We help our clients to:

  • Streamline business processes and automate manual tasks
  • Creating regulatory compliance and traceability
  • Reduce the cost of IT projects
  • Increase ability to change and adapt quickly
  • Bring business and IT closer


See featured solutions grouped by industry to get a better understanding of our ability to satisfy the needs of multiple departments and business units within your organisation.

Barium helps hundreds of companies and organizations to digitize processes. Because we are working cross-industry, we can knowledge transfer so that customers can get the desired effects more quickly.


Discover our solutions for your functional area

Most IT systems are designed by functional area, and even if business processes are by definition cross-functional, it can be powerful to see how we usually can replace or complement existing IT systems and platforms.

customer cases

Selecta digitizes core processes

A global service company supplying vending machines for food and beverages in 21 countries are using Barium Live to implement their new strategy. By documenting all processes “As-Is” in Barium Live the were able to in a fast and structured way and based on strategy decide and define the “To-Be” definitions of their processes. Once that was decided they have now started to make process-by-process executable. Barium Live is a key component in implementing their new strategy. And so far processes in Barium Live have replaced 5 old systems.


Systems replaced

Increased customer satisfaction

Shorter lead-time

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