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With a management system from Barium you can facilitate the daily work and provide full process compliance with less administration and manual intervention.
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Smart features that make life easier

The cloud-based management system from Barium is built to work with your existing systems and IT landscape. Reuse existing functionality and ensure that your business processes are accessible no matter where your staff choose to work.

Modern modeling tool

Smart features

Executable processes

Executable processes

  • Drag-and-drop modeling with support for popular BPMN symbols
  • Connect documents and links to tasks and activities
  • Version control and permission settings
  • Save process maps and organization descriptions as PDF or publish online using Web links
  • Import and export process models
  • Completely web-based interface - so you can work at home or on the go
  • Straight lines and intuitive tools such as auto save - get more done in less time
  • Collaborative modeling - work together with your colleagues no matter where they are
  • Block Symbols and freeform modelling allows you to design organizational structures in your own taste.
  • Connection to your Active Directory or SAML with Single-Sign-On and user synchronization.
  • Transform your process maps to user-friendly applications with a few clicks - make sure that procedures are followed and that users have access to timely information.
  • Automatic reminders and escalation functionality ensures that procedures and tasks are performed on time, correctly and with complete traceability.
  • Each user have their own inbox with assigned tasks and alerted via email
  • Lists, statistics and reports are easy to create and retrieved easily via built-in self-service features
  • Integrate with other systems - Barium provides several opportunities to integrate with other systems.
  • Connect to the document management systems, intranets and business systems that users like. Acquire no more systems than you need
  • Publish processes and management systems in your intranet to make it easier to reach for infrequent users.
  • Generate reports and documents automatically.
  • Streamline, integrate and coordinate processes, so that departments are working better together, both internally and with external partners.

How can it help me?

Quality manager

Take control of the internal processes, and provide a tool that is simple, user friendly and helps end users to do right thing. Make it easy to do the right thing.

Head of department

Streamline your daily processes and procedures, reduce lead times and ensures that quality work is not stealing time and resources from your daily tasks.

IT manager

Reduce the number of systems and manage your legacy by means of a flexible cloud service that ensures that the business can work process oriented.


Barium offers the fastest way to improve your business processes without long and costly implementation projects. In many cases, we can also make major improvements that also favors sales and growth.

customer cases

TV-company secures their internal processes with Barium
- Reduces the risk of things falling through the cracks

The TV-company is one of Sweden's largest commercial TV channel, and for them it is important that their internal processes are carried out effectively and professionally. Revenues from advertising are an important part of the company's business, so it becomes important that the internal processes is done correctly and promptly. With Barium they've got an easy to use and modern tool to serve users with accurate information when needed.

Broadcasting Company

Company: A Broadcasting company

Number of employees: More than 100

Sales: more than 4 billion

Following rules and guidelines

Saves time

Barium help Karlstad municipality digitalize HR-processes

Karlstad municipality is working hard to create an efficient but also attractive organisation that meets and exceeds its citizens need of great service from the public sector. When dealing with taxpayers money, municipalities need to find smart and digital ways to get things done. Especially when it come to HR-processes in such a labor intensive business. Thanks to Barium, new employees can now be onboarded fram day one and managers can be sure that everything is taken care of.

Karlstad Kommun

Residents: 87 000 Employees: 7500

Departments: 9

9 e-forms

7 roles


Management system Starter

10-100 employees

Visualize and model your organization using our graphical modeling tool

Model processes according to the BPMN standard

Connect documents and procedures to tasks and activities

User accounts for super users and infrequent users

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Management system Extended

101-1000 employees

Everything in the starter package as well as expanded features to take your quality work to the next level

Integrate with document management systems

Increased number of modellers and super users

Large storage area

Case management for deviation handling and suggestions for improvement

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Management system Advanced

over 1000 employees

Let the quality work influence your entire business with digital processes that support users in multiple departments and work groups

Automate repetitive routines

Use the platform for processes such as work inspection, patrols, complaints handling etc.

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