At Barium, the availability of our web service is of greatest importance to us. Our customers rely on Barium Live to do their work and digitalize their core business processes on a daily basis. This is why we monitor the availability of our service very closely using an independent external monitoring service, Pingdom. Please press the link below access our statistic and uptime data (external link will open in a new window).

Barium Live availability


We belive security is a vital consideration for organisations in their choice of IT solutions, the same goes for us. Information security issues are therefore a top priority to us, and as a proof of this, we have chosen to certify Barium Live in accordance with the information security standard ISO-27001. The certificate is issued by Intertek and comprises development, delivery and support of Barium Live including the handling of customer information that is associated with the provision of the service.

Routines to ensure your safety

To ensure that data does not get accessible for unauthorized, disappear, get corrupted, stolen or unavailable for you as a customer we follow secure routines, processes and procedures. Of course we also use the latest technology and industry standards when it comes to data security where key components are:

  • Fire protection and climate system
  • Secondary power supply
  • Multiple Internet connections
  • Redundancy on several levels
  • Firewalls and intrusion prevention
  • Database security and continuous backups
  • Catastrophe and continuity planning
  • High physical security
  • Secure destruction of outdated storage media

You own your data

All data which is generated and stored within our service is owned by the customer. A host of measures are taken to ensure confidentiality:

  • All data communication is encrypted (SSL)
  • All data is owned by the customer
  • All data is stored in Sweden
  • Data protection law is followed at all times
  • Ability to store data from a third party (Escrow Agreement)
  • Third party audits
  • Only a few administrators with background check have access to data

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