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With the Barium low-code application platform, you can create applications that streamline business processes – without complex ERP, legacy systems or waterfall projects.
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Our cloud-based, low-code platform is created for businesses and organizations that need to develop user-friendly, customized applications, based on their processes. Skip the usual, consultant-intensive projects that are often drawn out endlessly.

Model processes and workflow

Build and Integrate

Manage and drive processes

  • Draw workflows using the standard BPMN 2.0 symbols in the integrated modeling tool
  • Connect roles and map to your business users
  • Handle built-in versions with automatic controls for BPMN compliance
  • Import and export process models for easy re-use of processes
  • Automate workflows and tasks
  • Create dynamic forms that adapt to the task
  • Use reusable business components and business rules
  • Collaborative modeling - work together with your colleagues no matter where they are
  • Integrate with other systems via our various integration interfaces
  • Modern user interface that is generated automatically for each application that is created
  • Inbox with email-connection, so that you can get your tasks either by email, phone or in your browser
  • Automating manual and repetitive tasks saves time for administrators
  • Built-in metrics and KPI’s that give an overview of how each process is performing
  • Self Service functions to create lists and reports, automatically populating Excel templates

Quit programming or customizing your ERP system

With our platform, you can create custom applications that business users love – instantly!

Create applications from business processes

The whole idea behind our platform is the ability to create customized applications by modeling the workflows and processes with BPMN symbols. These symbols are then interpreted by our process engine into executable applications – without any programming or coding. Like magic!

Meet business requirements faster

Create, involve and introduce applications in short iterations and add functionality as you go. This creates speed, reduced business risk, and enhanced engagement from the business. Launch new applications – in weeks and months; not years.

Consolidate and complement

Our platform creates applications in multiple functional areas, such as HR, Purchasing, Quality, IT and Finance. We can, at the same time, complement and enhance existing systems so you avoid costly customization. Smart for the IT department; smart for your budget.

Integrate further

Today's systems and processes are increasingly cross-functional and integrated. With Barium, connect your systems and let Barium orchestrate processes – no matter which underlying line-of-business system you have in place. We put to use our REST API, Web services or Barium Integration Agent.

How we can help you

Business Developer

Implement and incorporate new processes and ways of working faster, without sitting in the lap of IT or purchasing. With Barium you can design the processes yourselves and pilot the first versions of your application.

IT developer

Create applications in a fraction of the time it normally takes to develop these from scratch or customize legacy systems. We also see to your IT operations, support and facilitate further development of the application

Head of Department

Streamline and digitize your operations quickly and cost-effectively. Start in small steps and shift up to the pace you want. Small business risk - great business pay-off!


Reduce the number of systems and manage your legacy by means of a flexible cloud service that ensures the business can work in a process-oriented fashion.

customer cases

ONE Nordic builds applications in 2-3 weeks with Barium's Low Code platform

ONE Nordic uses Barium Live as a strategic platform in its daily work and in just a few weeks, the company can design and develop applications to streamline various processes in its operations.

ONE Nordic (en)

Company: ONE Nordic

Employees: approx 1000

Turnover: 2 billion SEK


Number of applications


weeks to create an application

Autoliv digitizes business processes

A global manufacturing company focusing on safety equipment with operations in 29 countries are using Barium Live to manage the Supplier Charge Back process. Before the client was not even able to get half of their claims when they had production stop or quality issues that was directly related to errors in the suppliers products or the delivery precision. With Barium Live they have reduced the claim lead-time with 57%, and are close to 100% when it comes to Charge Back ratio. And what is even more important, the number of Charge Back cases has decreased due to the better process. We at Barium did spend less the 4 weeks to make this possible.


Revenue: 75 billion SEK

Employees: 66 000

Countries: 28

57% lead time reduction

4 week implementation

50% process adherence before Barium


We have a flexible and scalable pricing model that makes it easy to get started. Suitable for both small-medium business to large enterprises.

Our plans and pricing

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