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Work faster and smarter with a digital platform that supports and automates many of your everyday tasks.
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Barium's cloud-based BPM platform is created for business developers who want to improve the way work gets done, by developing user-friendly applications that automate your business. No more spreadsheets, emails and manual paperwork. The platform is particularly suitable for mission-critical processes or a large number of support processes.




  • Drag-n-drop process modeling
  • Easy collaboration with line-of-business and IT
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Web-based system - no installation needed 
  • Create forms and graphical interfaces with drag-n-drop
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Turn the process model into an application by simply clicking a button.
  • Integrate your new application with your IT-landscape
  • Modernt användargränssnitt som skapas upp automatiskt för varje applikation som skapas
  • Inkorg och koppling till email så att ni kan få era arbetsuppgifter antingen via mail, mobil eller i er webbläsare
  • Automatisering av manuella och återkommande moment sparar tid för handläggarna
  • Inbyggda nyckeltal och KPI:er som ger överblick över hur varje process presterar
  • Self Service funktion för att skapa listor och rapporter, automatisk populering av Excel-mallar.


Manual work, emails and spreadsheets
Lack of transparency and audit-trail
Uncoordinated and unstructured activities
Legacy systems that no longer fit your way of working
Stacks of papers and forms
The list goes on...


One graphical interface
Complete overview and end-to-end process compliance
Create and maintain IT support without the need of developers
Digital forms with automation and logic
IT support that fit your unique way of working


With our platform, citizen-developers themselves can build their own applications - sanctioned by IT. The platform can be used to replace existing systems, prototype new solutions, orchestrate processes or to complement existing business systems.

Reduce lead time

Manual handling, email and spreadsheets - no wonder processes do not work as efficiently as they should. With digital processes, work is streamlined and automated.


Create, develop and implement IT systems into iterations and add additional features as time goes by. This creates quickness, reduced business risk and better commitment from the business. Launch new applications in weeks and months instead of years.


With our platform, you can create applications for several functional areas, such as HR, Purchasing, Quality, IT and Finance. At the same time, we can also supplement existing systems, so you do not have to pay for costly customization work. Smart and cost efficient.


Today's systems and processes need to be cross-functional and integrated. Let Barium orchestrate processes above of those pesky silo-oriented systems, and drive change faster.


Business Developer

Implement and incorporate new processes and ways of working faster, without sitting in the lap of IT or purchasing. With Barium you can design the processes yourselves and pilot the first versions of your application.

Head of Department

Streamline and digitize your operations quickly and cost-effectively. Start in small steps and shift up to the pace you want. Small business risk - great business pay-off!


Reduce the number of systems and manage your legacy by means of a flexible cloud service that ensures the business can work in a process-oriented fashion.

IT developer

Create applications in a fraction of the time it normally takes to develop these from scratch or customize legacy systems. We also see to your IT operations, support and facilitate further development of the application


Autoliv digitizes business processes

A global manufacturing company focusing on safety equipment with operations in 29 countries are using Barium Live to manage the Supplier Charge Back process. Before the client was not even able to get half of their claims when they had production stop or quality issues that was directly related to errors in the suppliers products or the delivery precision. With Barium Live they have reduced the claim lead-time with 57%, and are close to 100% when it comes to Charge Back ratio. And what is even more important, the number of Charge Back cases has decreased due to the better process. We at Barium did spend less the 4 weeks to make this possible.


Revenue: 75 billion SEK

Employees: 66 000

Countries: 28

57% lead time reduction

4 week implementation

50% process adherence before Barium

Selecta digitizes core processes

A global service company supplying vending machines for food and beverages in 21 countries are using Barium Live to implement their new strategy. By documenting all processes “As-Is” in Barium Live the were able to in a fast and structured way and based on strategy decide and define the “To-Be” definitions of their processes. Once that was decided they have now started to make process-by-process executable. Barium Live is a key component in implementing their new strategy. And so far processes in Barium Live have replaced 5 old systems.


Systems replaced

Increased customer satisfaction

Shorter lead-time


We have a flexible and scalable pricing model that makes it easy to get started. Suitable for both small-medium business to large enterprises.

Our plans and pricing

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