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Finally it has become easy to model
business processes

Model business processes and diagrams in your browser without plugins or installation
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Process modeling do not need to be complicated

The Barium process modeling tool is created for everyone to be able to model good-looking models of their business processes without extensive knowledge or lumpy systems. To make it easier for you as a user, we have chosen to use the simple BPMN standard, which only consists of three basic symbols. Since we deliver our modeling tool as a true cloud service, you do not need to think about installation or procurement policys.

Simple process modeling

Advanced features

Integration, interoperability and security

  • Model processes with drag-and-drop
  • Support for BPMN 2.0
  • Custom icons and lines
  • Change the canvas size
  • Smart tools for straightening lines
  • Support for common keyboard shortcuts
  • Versioning and automatic validation to ensure that you follow the standard
  • User roles and permission settings
  • Connect documents and links to instructions and job descriptions
  • Publish process diagrams using Web links
  • Export process maps as PDF
  • Integrate with document management systems
  • Import and export process models in the XPDL format
  • Follow the BPMN standard so you do not get locked into one vendor's proprietary standards
  • High information security under ISO 27001 and data storage within EU


Our modern platform helps you digitize, streamline and quality assurance processes every day.

Easy to use - modeling too

An easy to use tool - makes it easier to involve users from the business and achieve a common understanding of the processes within your organisation.

Suitable for multiple methodologies

The tool is designed to support the most common iterative methods for modeling, documenting and improving business processes.

Efficient collaboration

With version control, permission management, auto-saving and access via browser - it will be easy to interact with both internal and external stakeholders.

Ability to create applications out of your processes models

Transform your processes to IT support systems to see how the process works in the daily life - powerful for the implementation of ERP systems, or to complement it.

How it helps you

Quality manager

Take control of your internal processes, and provide a modeling tool that is simple, user friendly and helps end-users make the right thing.

Line-of-business manager

Choose an easy-to-use the tool that is designed for both frequent and infrequent users. Create a common understanding of your business and outcomes.


Make sure that the business chooses a process tool that follow accepted standards and that can be used to consolidate a large number of systems and applications.


Reduce the business risk of introducing new working methods and business systems by modeling the processes and involve the business at an early stage.

Customer cases

TV-company secures their internal processes with Barium
- Reduces the risk of things falling through the cracks

The TV-company is one of Sweden's largest commercial TV channel, and for them it is important that their internal processes are carried out effectively and professionally. Revenues from advertising are an important part of the company's business, so it becomes important that the internal processes is done correctly and promptly. With Barium they've got an easy to use and modern tool to serve users with accurate information when needed.

Broadcasting Company

Company: A Broadcasting company

Number of employees: More than 100

Sales: more than 4 billion

Following rules and guidelines

Saves time


We have a flexible and scalable pricing model that makes it easy to get started. Suitable for both small-medium business to large enterprises.

Our plans and pricing

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