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eForms with intelligence

Digitize your forms and ensure that they will continue to be managed in a seamless process with integration and automation to your business systems
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Forms management and e-services

Digitize your forms and ensure that incoming cases and contracts will be handled digitally throughout the entire handling process. Digital data capture will quality assure information and repetitive tasks can easily be automated.

Build a library of eForms

Integrated Case Management System

Integrate and Automate

  • Create pixel perfect forms, contracts and templates
  • Supports both traditional and modern layouts
  • Information modeling to facilitate easy integration
  • Create a library of forms with central management
  • User friendly and customizable interface for administrators
  • Processing support that follows the entire workflow
  • Automatic field completion with integration
  • Complete web service that does not require installation or extensions to function properly
  • IIntegrate with signature services to sign contracts
  • Handling of personal data under GDPR
  • Highest information security under ISO 27001
  • REST API with good integration to ERP

Improve customer service and reduce the risk of errors with digital forms

With digital forms, customers can apply, appeal and report cases when they so wish. Data validation makes sure that everything is correct, leading to faster feedback, less failure and frustration.

Automate your handling of forms and case

Use the embedded process engine to automate steps in the workflow. Efficiency leads to cost savings and shorter lead times to customers and internal SLAs.

Better security, visibility and control

Use signing services so that customers can pay or sign their contracts and forms digitally. This leads to better security and lower costs compared to manual handling.

Integrate with systems you like

The platform has been built with good integration capabilities from scratch, and where the entire product's services are accessible via REST APIs.

How we help you

Administrative Officer

Modern and user-friendly tool for handling cases. Repetitive tasks can easily be automated so you get more time for trickier issues.

Line of business manager

Streamline your everyday processes and procedures, reduce lead times and ensures that costly administration can be reduced.


Reduce the number of IT-systems and applications and manage your legacy with a flexible platform in the cloud.

Business Developer

The platform is scalable and designed specifically for business developers who want to drive digital transformation without code. Free up more time for change management initiatives.

Customer cases

New Web Service Saves Time for Property Owners

Fastighetsägarna Sverige (the Swedish Property Federation) has launched a web service with more than 100 web-based forms, templates, standard contracts, and other documents related to rental apartments, condominiums, facilities, and industrial properties. The service, which is based on Barium Live has already thousands of users.

“Our members get a better overview and control and save enormous amounts of time. This web service streamlines their processes. Plus it’s much easier to use and more secure,” says Sophie Roy-Norelid, Fastighetsägarna Sverige.


100 web-based forms

5000 end users

500 companies


We have a flexible and scalable pricing model that makes it easy to get started. Suitable for both small-medium business to large enterprises.

Our plans and pricing

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