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Contact centre for increased customer satisfaction

Deliver faster response to customers and citizens while reducing the workload of your specialists and administrators.
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User-friendly platform for contact centres

Contact Centre, Service Centre or Customer Service. Whatever name you choose, Barium can be the hub of your service offering – for us it is important to create solutions that’s easy to use and actually help each administrator to perform their work on a day-to-day basis. In our solution you will find clever functions such as “smart start” and an integrated knowledge base.

Smart case management

Reduce administrative tasks

Integration and Security

  • SmartStart - register simple cases with only one click
  • Built-in knowledge database for quick feedback to the customer
  • Automated case assignments saves time
  • Powerful administration support and case management
  • Automatic time control and case escalation
  • Monitoring and statistics with self-service functions
  • Start and follow cases through the web
  • Absence Management and simple administration of value lists
  • Open integration interfaces (APIs) make it easy to integrate with other systems
  • Single-Sign-On and AD synchronization for easy login
  • Cloud service that is hosted in Sweden with high information security under ISO 27001
  • Screening and deletion of cases

Raise the bar for your customer service

With Barium Contact Center System so you can deliver better customer service with no extra work or increased administration.

Smart start

When it is quicker to answer a question immediately than to actually log it in the system, it is usually not done. This leads to inaccurate statistics regarding staffing and key performance indicators. With SmartStart we have developed a smart feature together with case templates that makes it super easy to log cases instantly.

Knowledge database

Have you filled your workplace and computer with several documents and notes for you to remember all the answers from incoming questions? Is there any interim change or action that you need to have awareness of? With a built-in, context-based knowledge base you have the answers at your fingertips. Update and change easily without cumbersome administration.

Connect with your existing E-Service

Customers and citizens expect rapid and accurate feedback, regardless of the channel they use. With integration to your e-services, it becomes possible to bring together cases in one place.


We believe in lowering the thresholds for introducing new business support systems - because of that, we have created the entire solution in our cloud service Barium Live. It is easy to set up and requires no installation, investment in hardware or lengthy consulting projects.

How can it help me?

Contact & Service Manager

Deliver awesome customer service across all channels. Capture and coordinate cases in one place for improved statistics.

Quality Manager

Get full traceability, process compliance and equal treatment of cases - without sacrificing efficiency.

IT manager

Reduce the number of systems and manage your legacy by means of a flexible cloud service that ensures that the business can work process oriented. Use the same platform for management system, case management, HR-processes and more.

Administrative Officer

Work with a modern and easy to use tool that is created for you to have a better day. We want it easy to do the right thing.

Our customer stories

Lomma kommun skaffar nästa generations kontaktcentersystem

Lomma som ligger strax norr om Malmö har länge placerat medborgaren och kundservice i centrum, och det är inte konstigt att de har fått pris som årets kvalitetskommun. När de nu ville ta nästa steg och förbättra kundkontakten, och se till att medborgare får lika god service oavsett kontaktyta så valde de har börja jobba med Barium och vår partner Pulsen för att digitalisera sina kundserviceprocesser.

Lomma Kommun

Anställda: 1225

Ärenden: 1000-tals

Kontaktvägar: 5


We have a flexible and scalable pricing model that makes it easy to get started.

Contact Center

10-20 users

SmartStart for speedy registration of cases

Context-based knowledge bank

Lists and reports for easy overview

Automatic ticket assignment

requests for quotation

Support for multiple channels

10-1000 employees

All contact center capabilities

Seamless integration with e-services and e-government platforms

Case handling and support for specialists

Integration with enterprise systems

requests for quotation

Contact Center and Digital platform

10- 1000 employees
Contact Center for all channels, with full integration with your line-of-business systems

Extend your customer service into all departments and integrate the work of a coherent process

Consolidate your IT systems and use our platform for multiple applications
requests for quotation

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