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2018-03-15 |

Barium Live 2018.2

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Barium Live has been upgraded once again and with new capabilities and features in 2018.2 with improvements focused on performance enhancement and search for extended value lists as well fixed issues and general improvements to Barium Live.

002 - Extended Value list

Enhanced performance and search for Extended Value lists

Extended Value Lists can contain data to use in applications. It is sometimes called Master Data and can contain large amounts of data in both rows and columns which among other things can describe Product Articles, Bus Stops and more.

This data can be made available in applications and forms to allow people to select an article that needs to be restocked (in a restocking application) or product recalls (in a product recall application) and many more examples.

An important capability is that it is easy for people to search and find the product article they are looking for in a very long list of product articles. Therefore, we have enhanced the performance and search capabilities for data in large Extended Value List repositories so that searching is fast and accurate.

003 - Extended Value list

Visit the 2018.2 Change Log to read more about Extended Value Lists and how to use it.


Fixed issues and general improvements

A number of issues and general improvements are also a part of this upgrade. The full details of which they are can be read in the 2018.2 Change Log.

We hope you'll enjoy an improved Barium Live

The Barium Live team