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2017-11-08 | updates

Barium Live 2017.12 has arrived

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This upgrade is focused on fixing issues, improving the stability and security of Barium Live and improving the login page for Barium Live.

Improved login page
The Barium Live login page has received a few improvements. Some of them are under the hood but others have been done to improve the user experience for those who visit the page. The login page is slimmer with less text to make it look better and to be easier to understand with less clutter.

New Login.png


New Trial account sign-up process
The trial account sign-up process has been updated to allow us at Barium to help new, potential customers get a better and customized trial experience. Instead of signing up and automatically receiving a trial account that is empty we now request more detailed contact information upon a trial account request and will personally contact users who sign-up to assist in getting started using Barium Live. People who click on the Don’t have an account yet? will see this.

This and more are part of this release. To read about the details, visit the 2017.12 Change Log on the Barium Live Help Center.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze
Product Manager - Barium Live