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2018-04-09 | upgrade

Barium Live 2018.3 has arrived

Reading time: 2 minutes

Barium Live has been upgraded once again, this time to version 2018.3. We have added new and improved features for Group Administration as well as new variables that are useful or those who need to create applications.

Group Administrator

A Group Administrator is a new role that can be assigned to individual users on Barium Live allowing those users to add or administer specific groups and its members. It's a powerful way of delegating responsibility for application adminstration to the people who work on a more operational level.


Variable support

Variables are used to present, extract or share data within an application or externally. They are powerful and configurable for the applications that you create. We have added some more to extend the capabilities and to make it possible to create applications that suit customers needs even better. Details about variables can be found in our Help Center (link below).

General improvements

As always we focus on improving the security, stability and performance of Barium Live by fixing issues, addressing problems and proactively improving capabilities. We have done so for this upgrade as well.

To read all about the details of this upgrade, visit the 2018.3 - Change Log in our Help Center.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze