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2018-01-17 | upgrade

2018.1 is here

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Barium Live has received its first upgrade for the year that brings a useful improvements to administrators who use Role Mappers to dynamically assign users as well as enhanced integration capabilities to replicate master data. Also, bug fixes and general improvements.


Improved Role Mapper administration

Role Mappers are a powerful tool to create dynamic assignments to people in a process application. A Role Mapper will assign one or more people to one or more tasks based on choices made in a form and ensure that the right people get the right tasks to perform.

We have improved the administrative interface for Role Mappers to make it easier for administrators to maintain them to help ensure that the configuration is correct at all times.

Configure master data to update via the Barium Live API

Extended Value Lists can contain master data. It can contain small or large amounts of Master Data to use in applications. Now you can easily configure an Extended Value List to allow its content to be maintained via the Barium Live API by simply clicking a checkbox.

Customer repositories, article information or other Master Data can be integrated and automatically replicated from your companies data sources to Barium Live and made available to users who work in process applications.

Fixed issues, general improvements

Along with these improvements we have also fixed issues and improved the general experience of Barium Live

Read all about the content in this upgrade in the 2018.1 release notes.

Welcome to 2018!
Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze