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2017-07-04 | updates

2017.9 has arrived

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2017.9 is the 9th release to Barium Live this year and the last upgrade before summer.

It brings additional enhancements to designing Form Rules as well as brand new configuration capabilities. The "Token Trail" that shows the path that a process has taken is now clearer and we have added the usual bug fixes and general improvements to Barium Live.

Form rules editor enhancements

The rules editor user experience has been improved even more since our previous upgrade. We have also added a new condition that is available to use regarding viewmodes. Viewmodes can now be used as a new condition in form rules.

Form Rules Viewmodes.png

Improved "task trail"

The ability to easily track tasks in apps and see which path the process has passed to get where it is right now is a very useful feature In Barium Live. You get a quick and precise overview by looking at the process model and see exactly what has happened earlier in the app. We have now improved the process view to be more helpful and visual to get that quick insight.

Improved Token Trail.png

Read the 2017.9 Change Log to learn all about these features and more that are included in this release.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze