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2017-05-31 | Barium Live, Integration

2017.7 - collections

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2017.7 (4).png

2017.7 has arrived with improvements and a brand new feature to handle multiplicity in apps.

Data Collection.png

Data Collection is a new feature that is introduced for apps in this release. It's a new type of data object that can be used to manage multiplicity, a common need in many apps. You can create multiple deviations, orders and more and easily configure an app that ensures that each individual item in a collection is handled correctly every single time.

For example:

If you need to do regular inspections you can create an app that automatically starts a new task to perform inspections on a regular basis. Using the Collection the inspector can register each finding or deviation and document and categorize it. Each finding can then be passed on to subsequent tasks where they are corrected or mitigated and followed up. Simple and effective.

For the complete details of the 2017.7 release, visit our Change Log.

Jonathan Franze