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2017-10-25 | upgrade

2017.11 has arrived on Barium Live

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Barium Live has been updated to 2017.11 with a number of new and improved features as well as fixed issues for a better Barium Live experience. Here are some highligts!

Visually enhanced dashboard

Every application you create on Barium Live has its own dashboard where you can get insightful statistics and real-time data on the performance of your process application using several standardized KPIs.


New Script Component - Set instance description

Automating application activities has always been an important reason to use Barium Live. One way of doing this is by using Script Components in your application to make tedious, time-consuming and manual tasks automatic. Now there is a new Script Component available to do even more.

Set instance description

These items and more are part of the latest upgrade to Barium Live. To read all the details, visit the Barium Live Help Center and the 2017.11 Release Notes.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze
Product Owner