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2017-08-25 | upgrade

2017.10 - first release after summer

Reading time: 1 minutes
2017.10 is the first release to Barium Live after summer. It's a small release due to holidays but it brings a great improvement to the instance overview and the process model shown there.

Improvements to Instance Overview

The process model in the instance overview now shows a better picture of how the current instance has run through the process, where it has split, merged, which activities were completed and which are still active.

  • All the activities that have been passed through are shown in clear colors while those activities that have not are shown grayed out.
  • If you hover your mouse cursor on an active task it now shows information about how long it has been active.


For more details about the improvements in the instance overview as well as information about bug fixes, visit the Change Log on the Barium Live Help Center.

Jonathan Franze
Product Manager