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Barium Live upgraded to 2014.3.4

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2014.3.4 is our last planned upgrade for the year, a minor upgrade with 2 great new features for process management systems and process apps as well as a couple of fixes and performance improvements.

Easier to create Top Level process models

The classic feature move forward, move back that we recognize from PowerPoint and other graphical software is now available for the Block Symbols in the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0. The block symbol is frequently used when creating top level processes like the one below. By arranging the block symbols it is now possible to decide which symbol should be placed on top of the other to create great business process models.

Top Level process with the Block Symbol

 A new field for better attachments in process apps

Attachment Folder is a brand new form field which is now available for process applications. It brings some great new features to those looking for better management of attachments to a form. With the Attachment Folder field it is possible to drag-and-drop multiple files onto the form and upload them to the process instance. You can decide which folder in the content folder that the attachments should be placed in and more.

Form with an Attachment Folder field in it


See the Web Cast for a demonstration of the new features



Read the 2014.3.4 Change Log on the Barium Live Help Center to learn about all the details of the release and to learn more about how to use these new features.

Finally, we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best Regards,
Jonathan Franze
Product Manager