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Barium Live "Cloud meets Cloud"

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Barium Live integrates with cloud services

Barium Live has just become better with a brand new upgrade to version 2014.3.1 bringing some new, exciting features to all customers.

Cloud meets Cloud

With the latest upgrade Barium Live can now be integrated with the Cloud Services Google Drive and Dropbox to add files and information from there as documents in your process models.

For those customer who (just like us) use Google Apps and Google Drive as a Document Management System it is now possible to easily connect and add documents and files to processes that are created and maintained there. Dropbox works in the exact same way.

Extendable Integration Service

The integrations created to Google Drive and Dropbox are examples of the extendability of Barium Live. We plan on creating connections to even more Document Management Systems like SharePoint and more. It is also possible to create custom Integration Services to pretty much any type of Document Management System by creating a custom Integration Service to it. Contact us if you are interested in this and we can explain more.

Upload files and add URL links


The Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 has been updated with the features to upload files to and to add URL links to tasks and activities. This lets you create process models and to add steering information that can be attached to and accessed directly from the Process Model. Uploading files and using URL links can be used together with files and documents from connected Document Management Systems such as Google Drive or Dropbox which means you can bring information from multiple sources to you processes without any hassle.

Create process-aware BPMN 2.0 forms

Configuring Viewmodes in process models now makes it possible to create BPMN 2.0 process applications that have process aware forms. You can configure a form in a process application to present its content depending on where in the process it is being viewed and by who. Show, hide or lock parts of the form to create great human-friendly process apps.

Read all about the details in the Change Log

As with any upgrade the details of all the new and improved features can be read in the change log with links to even more detailed articles on how you can use each feature .

Here you can find the 2014.3.1 Change Log.

Jonathan Franze
Product Manager - Barium Live