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“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done”

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This thoughtful statement was once made by the actor Bruce Lee (1940-1973).

Now I have been with Barium for a year and a lot of things have happened during this time. Of course I have experienced some of it before but there are also things that are completely different.

In interaction with friends, potential customers and partners it is sometimes a bit challenging to explain what we are doing in a simple and short way.
Yes we are delivering a lot of value, yes we are increasing collaboration in organizations, yes we are a BPMS and yes we do create applications by doing processes executable. This might be more or less easy to understand and a deeper explanation is needed in most cases.
Giving it a second thought we at Barium tried to understand the lowest common denominator among our customers when working with us.

The answer – Our customer get things done, and they do it fast.

So if you want to learn how, and also start to do things rather then just thinking about them, give us a call.