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Barium Live upgraded to 2014.1.1

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Barium Live has been updated with a Service Maintenance Upgrade to version 2014.1.1 which brings some much needed fixes, anticipated improvements and even some great new features that can be activated by process modelers and application configurators.

These new features do not have any impact on end users since they must first be activated. The new features include customizing the user interface for external start events, designing the message presented to external users after they start processes externally and a completely new configuration capability for tasks, the Multi Instance Task.

Multi Instance Task

MultiInstance is a configuration that can be set on a task that will split a single task into multiple tasks (or Instances) resulting in a dynamic task that needs to be completed a different number of times each time. The task will split up for each person that is assigned to perform the task at the time the task is started.MultiInstanceTask For example, we use it to ensure that every person at Barium receives a task containing important information and completes the task when he or she has read it. The review task has the group "Everyone" set to it and splits up to all the current number of users in the group each time. The process owner can easily see who has yet to sign off on having read and understood the new information, a great tool for compliance and audit.

Design your external Start URLs

For External URLs for Start Events or Intermediate Events it is now possible to hide the Barium Live design parts such as Logo, ribbon and colors that by default are shown. By adding the Querystring ?hideGui=true to the end of the external link URL the interface shown to the end user is completely free from design elements that Barium Live has. hideGui When is this useful? Many of our users want to have control of the Graphic User Interface (GUI) aspects of the tools that their customers are exposed to. By removing the Barium Live design elements a solution can look something like the example below.

[gallery link="file" ids="1416,1417,1418"]

Customize confirmation messages for external events

Start events and Intermediate events can be triggered externally by activating and an external web link which is embeded on a web site or shared on an intranet. When the form is filled in and the button "send" is clicked a standard text that says “action performed successfully” is shown. EditThankYouMessage This message can now be edited to show a much more helpful confirmation message. To do this there is a new button called “edit message” which is available to click on when the external start event has been activated. Click on the button to create the custom confirmation message.

Much more

The release contains loads of improvements and bug fixes that can be read about in our Release Notes for 2014.1.1 in the Barium Live Help Center. To learn all about how you can configure and use the new features, there are links in the release notes to additional Knowledge Base articles. As always, don't hesitate to ask us about any details regarding this release. Add a comment below or contact us directly. Enjoy! Jonathan Franze Product Manager for Barium Live

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