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“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises”

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The famous actress Mae West (1893-1980) is behind this saying

Last Thursday, December 12, there was an article published in CIO (www.cio.com) that referred to a study made by Oxford Economics and the consulting firm AlixPartners.

The result of the study is that CFO’s are getting more and more frustrated about the investments in IT.  One of the questions with the research was to determine how finance gain insight into their companies spending on IT, measure the return on their IT investments compared with the business benefits the IT systems provide. The study focused on two different ways of defining IT investments “keep it running” versus “improve the business”.

In the study it turned out that across Europe three quarters of the IT investments are in the “keep it running” category.

We at Barium always deliver in the other category “improve the business” so if you want to do more with less – let us know.