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System selection by proxy or one size fits…

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A couple of weeks ago a colleague and me represented Barium at the Radar Summit (Radar a Swedish analyst firm doing research on the Nordic market). Over all it was a good event. In one of the early sessions one big system vendor based in Germany, we can call them The Yellow One talked about innovation. They saw some of the big new!!! innovative areas in Mobility, Cloud and a few others. Kind of remarkable to see that as innovation 2013! In our case all of that has been our standard since 2008.

During the week after the event I have had a few meetings with 2 former colleagues and friends who are now working in different operational roles. Some of the people I have met working with BPM and they are primarily using any of the big vendors, read the Blue One or the Red One. Most of them have had a very hard time to implement their solutions and the journeys to create value have in most cases been much too long and extremely cumbersome.

With this background, how come most companies still do their selections of software among the big major players? I think it has to do with the saying – One Size Fits None. Well this saying might not be true – it has all to do with how we define the word fit.

If we by fit (using fashion as an example) mean that you should look smart it should be the right fit not too small neither too big and it should bring forward your personality and expose the values you stand behind and so on, this is a correct statement.

If we instead define “fit” as “big enough” or not to small the statement is wrong. I mean if someting is big enough it will always fit. It will not be comfortable (still using fashion as a the comparison), it will not look smart it will be hard to judge the content inside and for sure we would all look more or less the same – however it would always fit.

The last definition is the common one when the CIO’s and IT departments are out there and select their software.

If you prefer the first definition, don’t hesitate to contact us at Barium for a further discussion

Definition: “by proxy” –The ability to do or be something without actually physically doing it – Urban Dictionary

Edited: Spellings and such.