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2013-09-27 | Barium Live, New Release

Barium Live! 2013.3 is here!

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Barium Live! has received its third and also its last major update this year. This time focus has been on bringing improved and new tools for contract owners, application- and space administrators  along with some great new features for those who design lists and want to get more value out of their Barium Live data.

New functionality for app administrators

By two new features we have now made it easier for application administrators to manage permissions to ongoing tasks and instances. This will be a great help if a user terminates its employment, temporarily is unavailable or if there has been organizational changes. We have also improved the ability for application administrators to manage the information held by forms in ongoing instances.


  • Share button always available in all tasks and can be used to assign or invite another user to a specific task
  • Transfer all permissions to tasks and instances from one user in a process app to another
  • Edit all fields in a form even if they are locked or hidden

New List Features

Two new list features are available. The first one makes it possible to format list columns and allows you to create better looking and more informative lists. The second one make it possible to export your list data to an excel template. This is really powerful and can for instance be used to create reports containing charts or pivot tables that will be automatically updated every time you exporting a list from Barium Live. We believe this feature will be really useful and work as a complement to the Process Performance Dashboard or even in some cases as an alternative to integrate a BI-tool with Barium Live.


  • List column formatting
  • List export template

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Improved Self Service functionality

We believe in self service and that our clients want to have the ability to do stuff by themself. Therefore we take the opportunity to also release a couple of brand new features on the theme of self service.


  • If integrating with Barium Live you are now able to generate or re-generate an API-key without contacting Barium Live support.
  • New improved tool to manage what Barium Live functionality each user within a space should have access to.


  • New overview for contract owners. See your contract details and the consumption of volume restricted items within your contract, such as licenses and spaces.

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Apart from these new features we have added several improvements and squashed some bugs. For a complete list and detailed description of all the new features and fixed issues please read the Barium Live! 2013.3 Release Notes found on the Barium Live! Wiki.

Christian Andreasson