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Barium Live! Updated to 2013.1.2

Reading time: 2 minutes

We have improved Barium Live! even more with the latest update 2013.1.2 which is a service patch containing loads of fixes and a couple of useful features for process application administrators.

Improvement Highlights

Application administrators now have the ability to set or change deadlines for all ongoing tasks to allow for better planning of tasks. For those of our customers that use task deadlines to visualize and plan work, being able to set and change individual deadlines is a useful tool.

Set or change tha task deadline manually as an application administrator

Read more about setting and changing Task Deadlines for process applications

We've added the possibility for application administrators to be able to set the default language that new instances should have for a process application. The instance language can follow the language settings of a user or be set to always be the same. Which language is chosen defines things like which language automatic notifications should be.

We have also worked on improving performance all over and fixing issues in all areas of the the service to improve the overall experience.

For a complete and detailed description of all the improvements and fixes, see the
Barium Live! 2013.1.2 change log on our wiki.

We hope you will enjoy the improvements.

Jonathan Franze