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Barium Live! Client Story: Barium Helps Alingsås Manage Investments

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Barium has developed a solution that enables the Alingsås municipality to get better control over its investments. The municipality needed (i) guidelines on how to run investment projects and (ii) IT support to better manage investment processes. Besides increased control of investments, the Barium Live! solution provides additional amenities such as local government services for community members.

"This user-friendly solution facilitates process development and makes process compliance mandatory. In addition, we can easily and conveniently insert documentation such as calculations, tracking documents, and drawings," says Martin Wollhag at the Alingsås public works department and environmental office.

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In Swedish: Barium hjälper Alingsås kommun till bättre investeringar »

Barium Live! Client: Alingsås kommun - Martin Wollhag