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Barium Live! Client Story: Norwegian NSB on the Right Track

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NSB (the Norwegian railway) contracted the Barium partner Indigo IPEX to outline every process and every type of expertise involved in a scheduled maintenance project. A Barium Live! solution was implemented, and since May it has been running live at NSB.

"The solution has made NSB more transparent and open, and we see strong adherence and quality assurance for each process. We no longer have a headache when scheduling maintenance!" says Kjetil Bragstad, NSB.

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Barium Live! Client: NSB - Kjetil Bragstad

Meet Kjetil Bragstad and his colleagues
Take part of the NSB story live at the seminar arranged by Indigo IPEX in Karlskrona, Sweden on 27 September.

Josefine Aspenstrand
Barium AB