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Barium Live! updated to 2012.1

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We are proud to present a brand new Barium Live! that has been updated to version 2012.1. This update brings you a completely redesigned interface, "Spaces", much improved self-service capabilities and more!

New and improved design
The Barium Live! web site and web service have been redesigned to look better and to be easier to use. The interface has been lightened and has been coordinated to better fit our brand new web site design which is also where you log on: www.bariumlive.com

A Space is where you model, build and run your processes. Spaces are isolated from each other and lets you work with different organizations, projects and clients without switching user.

Learn more about how to use Spaces in the Barium Live! Wiki.

Invite others to your Spaces
You can easily invite others to a space that you have created by filling out that persons e-mail address. Collaborate with your colleagues by creating process models, apps together or Invite those in your company that are to perform tasks and activities in your deployed process apps.
Improved self service
The self-service features on Barium Live! have been greatly improved allowing you to:
  • Create your own groups
  • Manage permissions to spaces
  • Handle who you want to collaborate with

For a complete and detailed list of all the new features in this release, visit our wiki and read the Barium Live! Release notes - 2012.1.

Map to App
Make use of all your process maps and transform them into runnable process apps with our unique Map to App technology to ModelBuild and Run your processes.

Or as we like to say: Model, Appify and Enjoy!