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Automating your process decisions

Reading time: 2 minutes

One of the key features in using Barium Live! and the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) is the ability to automate steps in your process that used to be manual.

Gateways is one of the activities that can be automated so that:

  • Decisions are made automatically.
  • The best path is chosen based on information in the process forms.
  • The path continues on a path based on a sub process end state.

This allows you to create a process application that is faster and more precise compared to a process that requires a lot of manual tasks being performed by the people in the task and a faster and better experience for your clients.

This is done using Expressions where you can create simple scripts, much like the type of scripts used in Excel to validate information in your process to automatically choose one or more paths to continue.

Automate a gateway to choose a path based on form data:

Automate a gateay to choose a path based on the end state of an embeded sub process or an independent sub process:

You can create advanced decisions based on mathematical calculations, combinations of expressions, choosing one or more paths and more...

To learn all about how to do automate gateways, visit our wiki: http://wiki.bariumlive.com.

Direct link here.

This is available for all Premium Trial and Premium Subscription accounts.

Jonathan Franze