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Do not reinvent the wheel. Use standard BPMN instead!

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Last week went utterly fast, and soon it is time for Christmas again (luckily we have nice weather in Sweden though). Time is running away!

Some people quote “time is money”. Therefore I am surprised organisations still bother to reinvent the wheel all the time when they work with processes.

I recently represented Barium during an IT exhibition conducted by two Swedish organisations called KommITS and Sambruk. One of their great ideas is to share competence, know-how and at the same time increase the value of invested time and money.

I have seen several projects in the public sector, which all have potential to add great value to the networks involved. But many of these projects are still very much focused on managing the hygienic factors of IT, which could be legislation, communication standards, archiving and more.

What I do miss is the shared knowledge around processes. I dare to actually question the awareness of the standard process notation BPMN. The whole idea behind processes is to standardise. Is it not wise then to actually follow a standard notation?

BPMN symbols from Barium Live!

If you do so, you can actually benefit from collaborative invention! If Stockholm City creates ten HR processes, Gothenburg can exchange them for a couple of city building processes. And Svedala can exchange a non-conformance process in exchange for a service request process from Kiruna etc. The processes of course need to be redefined to the actual council, but this can be done relatively easy. So don’t start from scratch! And if you do follow a standard, you will also be able to exchange process diagrams between tools. No more vendor lock-in. Instead you can focus on business improvements, and continuous development of the processes!

Keep up the process revolution!

Fredrik Selander
Barium AB