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2010-10-08 | Barium Live, Tips & Tricks

Make your process models look great

Reading time: 3 minutes

Some of our users on Barium Live have expressed their desire to be able to model “better-looking” process models. The experience is that the BPMN standard can be restrictive in creating process models that are appealing to the users who are supposed to use the processes in their daily work.

We have worked on allowing process modelers to be flexible without deviating from the BPMN standard which we believe is important. Conformity and standardization in modeled processes is one of the key functions when ensuring a common understanding within a business.

However, there are aspects of the BPMN standard that allow us to offer additional functionality.

  1. Add images to your process
  2. Change colors on all objects
  3. Change text fonts and sizes on BPMN objects

An example:

Creating a Top Level process using standard BPMN symbols with the standard graphic settings on Barium Live can look something like this:

Not that impressive or exciting but it is understandable.

With a couple of changes to color, font and size and the addition of an image can make your process model look something like this:

A background image and a logo along with some color can make all the difference

Click on this link to see it published:

Don’t make boring process models, there are tools available for you to make them more appealing and as a result used more often (we believe).

How to do this?

Image Artifact let’s you add custom images to your process model.

Use the Image-Artifact to by dragging it from the palette bar and onto your process model. Choose an image from your computer to upload to your process model.

Properties on your tasks and other BPMN symbols lets you change attributes such as color.

Right-click on your process objects and click on Properties to set color on the object.

Properties on your BPMN symbols text label lets you set font settings and styles

Right-click on the text label, click on properties and the attribute TextFont.

Happy Modeling!

Jonathan Franze
Process Coach