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What is Process Collaboration?

Reading time: 4 minutes

Collaboration is one of the key issues that will allow an organization to succeed or fail when creating a process model for a company, department or business area. It is essential to collaborate with key stakeholders with an in-depth knowledge of the work being done, in what order it is being done and by whom. Usually there are several key stakeholders to a process as well.

As a Process Coach at Barium I know how difficult it can be to model a process. Usually this is done with key stakeholders in different geographic locations, time zones and of course with difficulty of making time for questioning and involvement in the process of documenting a process model.

Collaboration made easy in Barium Live!

In Barium Live! we have focused on collaboration around process modeling in a number of ways. We want it to be easy to share processes with other stakeholders in order to share the workload or to speed up the process without the hassle of sending documents or files to and from each other via email or likewise.

Collaborate with other Barium Live! users

All processes are permission-based and give you the possibility to share permissions for a process with other groups or users on Barium Live! It’s possible to create different groups for different stakeholders and to re-use groups for all the processes you create.

Set permissions when creating a new process or by clicking on “Process Settings” for an already created process.

The different permissions include:

  • Show (Allow or Deny the user or group to see the process)
  • Copy (Allow or Deny the user or group to copy the process)
  • Edit (Allow or Deny the user or group to edit the process information or model)
  • Publish (Allow or Deny the user or group to publish new versions of the process)
  • Full Control (Allow or Deny full control, including deleting the process)

Combining Allow or Deny allows for an advanced permissions management for all your processes.

Collaborate with external users

It’s also possible to collaborate with stakeholders who do not have an account on Barium Live! You may want to share your process with an external customer, supplier or other party. This is possible in Barium Live! by activating a Web Link for a process.

Activating a Web Link makes it possible to view the process from any computer with an Internet connection. It is possible to add a password to increase security.

Use the “Create email” button to automatically generate an email containing the link to send to the users of your choice. Clicking on the link will show the process model in a web browser.

Tip: The web link can also be used in other places such as Intranets, Extranets or public web sites to communicate the way you work as a process model.

Note that a web link can only be activated after you have created your process.

Jonathan Franze
Process Coach