Barium Live - a low code digital process automation platform

Automate workflows with the leading digital process automation platform. Get your existing systems to work together and get rid of manual workarounds in a few weeks.

Accelerate automation

  • checkboxAutomated workflows end-to-end
  • checkboxIntegrate with (almost) everything
  • checkboxOrchestrate humans, robots and systems
Accelerate your business

Build. Run. Monitor & Repeat your way to operational excellence

Barium Live is a cloud-based digital process automation platform known for changing manual and tedious processes into joyful and automated ways of working.

In this video, we cover the four steps that allow you to accelerate your business.

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Make it easy to do things right


Stop using Excel or other manual workarounds to shift data or tie systems together. Barium Live lets you automate all your processes.


Speed up your workflows with an easy-to-use interface, allowing your employees to collaborate efficiently.


Get your existing business systems to work together. Barium Live’s open architecture is the glue that holds it all together.


Get your existing business systems to work together. Barium Live’s open architecture is the glue that holds it all together.

Rapid results - instead of costly consultancy projects

Bringing in consultants usually means waiting a long time for results. But with Barium Live you can achieve change 10x times faster. The business can launch digital, automated workflows quickly, and get rid of time-consuming activities, manual handovers and spreadsheets.

Launch Automation
With less Programming

Model workflows and create applications with little or no code. With Barium Live you can automate processes with less dependencies from your IT department.

  • checkboxEasy to use interface, no matter how simplistic or complex your workflows are
  • checkboxIntegrate with existing systems and data soruces
  • checkboxFollow up and analyze your work with reports

Integrate Everything
- Create Your Own Ecosystem

No more disconnected systems that result in manual data shuffling. With Barium Live, it’s easy to integrate existing systems and web services. Ready-made templates for integration and a well-documented API gets rid of all hassles.

50+ Applications From Our Customers To Inspire You

Want to know what you can do with Barium Live? Take a look at what our customers have done. Here are 50 examples of how they have transformed their Ways of working, in finance, human resources, IT, product development and more.

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Digitalize your business processes

Barium Live enables you to have complete transparency throughout your entire workflows. Complex operations made easy.
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